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Private, In-Home, Creative & Customized

I help students of all ages, from Pre-K to post-grad, become Good At Math.  I do so much more than just show my students another way to solve the problem.  Drawing on wisdom and many years of experience, I help my students tear down the psychological, emotional, and sometimes physical barriers that stand in the way of learning. This is why I am one of the best.

One of the most intelligent people I ever have met.
A great teacher and she will not give up on you.
— Mike, student

SAT & Test Prep

breaking it down to build you up

I am not a cram course.  With me, you are Number One, the Center of Attention, and The Star of the Show.  This means that each and every one of your questions and concerns about taking the Math & Science sections of the SAT/ACT will be thoroughly addressed at a pace that is perfect for you.  Together, we will set achievable study goals and design a very targeted study plan....which I will motivate you to keep at until exam day!

The rare gift that we consistently observed in Nicole is how she can be punctually professional and at the same time authentically sweet and caring.
— Fabrizio & Rossana, parents


projects that will explode your kid's brain

As an add-on to tutoring or as a little weekend rainy day fun, my inventive STEAMplay projects further your child’s evolution into an increasingly intelligent and useful human being.  Signing up for a STEAMplay Project means that your kid will have loads of fun getting to explore her interests (I’ve even got project ideas for the kid who’s only interest is ‘I dunno.’), empirically apply a lot of book learnin’, get a full brain workout, and acquire a ton of practical skills.

We have known Nicole for the past 6 years...Nicole has the experience and character for teaching and managing people to be successful in the academic field.
— Joe & Sandrine, parents

Clever Girls

girls rule, boys drool

(Playfully subverting gender bias, one Math problem at a time)

Girls are special, and so I have created an awesome club just for them! The Clever Girls Math Club is a hands & mind-on academic social club that makes learning Math fun through a combination of group study and hands-on, inventive, STEAM projects.  A Clever Girl myself, I see it as my responsibility to teach our girls how to use their minds along with all of the tools at their disposal to shatter the still-present glass ceiling.

My children really enjoy learning with Nicole, as she makes it interesting and fun. I could only wish all teachers had her talent.
— Jeff & Janet, parents