Private • in-home • creative & customized

What’s your method, Ms Nicole?

Well, since you asked…I begin by seeing each student as a unique human being with individual strengths, struggles, and capacities for improvement.  From there, we begin the process of Research and Development. Research starts by me determining, very specifically, how your child most effectively learns by discovering your child’s interests, observing habits, patterns of behavior, and favored ways of absorbing information.  Then I design a path that uses all of your child’s strengths and resources to develop the areas in need of improvement. Development is the on-going process of raising the bar. When my students reach their goals, we set the next. I have extensive experience designing creative methodologies to aid any age student, from pre-K to post-grad, including students with special needs.

I help students in all grades and at all skill levels with Math, including:

  • Common Core, Singapore, and Saxon Math
  • Entrance exam prep for kids entering 6th & 9th grades next fall

My services as a Science tutor include help with:

  • STEM, STEAM, Physics, Biology, and Chemistry, also…
  • Science Fair Project mentoring and advising!

I also offer small group tutoring, which is the perfect option for:

  • Friends in the same class
  • 5th & 8th graders preparing for middle and high school entrance exams

Academic Advising & Mentoring and Parent/Teacher Mediation services are included with tutoring.

  • In addition to preparing your child for the right middle and high school entrance exams, I will also help you and your child choose the perfect school.
  • I maintain relationships with Math & Science teachers in dozens of schools around NE Hudson County which I use to foster positive communication between parents & teacher.

To provide the best possible service to my students, I limit my area of business to NE Hudson County, including Jersey City, Hoboken, Weehawken, Union City, and West New York.

For students living outside of that range I have several pleasant, unique, and safe meeting points around NE Hudson county to choose from.  Contact me for the location nearest you!


Private tutoring rates begin at $70/hr
Group tutoring rates begin at $80/hr per group
Academic Advising is included with tutoring or is otherwise $70/hr