there Ain't no Play like a steam play

What is it, anyway?

Be it by zombie, alien, or giant meteor, when the dystopic future suddenly arrives, rest assured Good Parent, the STEAMplay Kid will survive.  STEAMplay Kids know how to do things like wire up solar panels and handle a power drill.  STEAMplay kids know how to handle adversity (sometimes things just don’t work the first time).  STEAMplay kids stay cool under pressure because they have learned how to solve problems by thinking for themselves.

An excellent add-on to math & sciences tutoring

Small, portable projects to be worked on once a week, ideally for 30 minutes, after all other homeworks & subject preparations are complete. Projects can be one of my ideas or a student concept, in which case I serve as mentor, helping and encouraging him through the Engineering Design Process to ensure a successful and complete STEAMplay project.

The purpose of these projects is to bring school-learned facts to life, as well as learn new and valuable skills such as:

  • Brainstorming
  • Using a ruler and measuring tape, along with all of the fraction math involved in being good at using these tools
  • Problem solving
  • Reading & Drawing diagrams, schematics, and templates
  • Using common hand tools!
  • Soldering
  • Sewing, both by hand and by machine
  • Learning from mistakes!
  • Electronics
  • Coding
  • And so much more...including learning how to see a project to the end.

great addition to Hobbies & Activities section of any high school or college application

This is all available to your kid, in your home, for an extra $10 an hour plus a modest materials cost at the beginning of each new project. (For example: $70 for 1 hr of tutoring + $40[=½ hr x ($70+$10)] for ½ hr of project time = $110 per session)

Have a group of kids you’d like to keep busy?  STEAMplay Projects translate well into weekend workshops, after-school programs, and week-long summer camps.

Atomic keeps it small: no more than 6 kids to a group means maximum learning and fun for all.

Please contact Nicole for group rates.