SAT & Test Prep

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What makes me so special?

My way works, as is evidenced by the roster of schools that my students attend, which include: Trinity, Stuyvesant, Trevor Day Academy, Sacred Heart, Xavier, McNair Academic HS, St. Peter’s Preparatory, Hudson and Bergen High Tech HS. My students matriculate to top-rated universities including MIT, Columbia, NYU, Princeton, and George Washington.

New SAT, ACT and other Entrance Exam Prep

Entrance Exam prep is a little more intense than regular academic tutoring.  In preparation for any entrance exam, I recommend supplemental tutoring with me for 2 hours per week for a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the exam date to boost Math & Science scores.

Because preparing for entrance exams is pretty intense, it can be good to work with friends.  I will tutor groups up to 6 students, please inquire about an economic group rate.

I will help your student prepare to take the: