Reviews & Testimonials

One of the most intelligent people I ever have met. A great teacher and she will not give up on you. We spent five hours on Calculus problems one afternoon and she never quit on me until I got it. I am a former US Marine and do not quit on anything and Nicole does not either. I owe this fabulous young lady a huge debt of gratitude for helping me obtain my business degree.

A beautiful and very special person and a privilege for me to be acquainted with.
— Mike, student

Nicole has been tutoring our son Federico in his Math studies since the beginning of 2013. At that time he was 12-yr old and he was attending Trevor Day School here in Manhattan. Since we met Nicole we have appreciated her honest approach, unconventional style and joyful personality; only later we have realized how these aspects have been instrumental to gain rapidly the trust, respect and friendship of Federico.

In Nicole all this is coupled with an evident profound passion for teaching and mentoring, which we believe is one of the reasons why she is so naturally capable of energizing and motivating to improve and achieve. She has subtle emotional intelligence in the way she relates with her disciples: she is able to tailor her tone, words and pace to their mood and she feels when it is right to push and ask for more and when on the contrary it is necessary to slow down and build confidence. She proved as well in several situations maturity and good judgement in respecting the confidentiality of the relationship with the kid and at the same time sharing with the parents precious insights to help them playing at best their supportive role in the education and the development of their child. In fact we think that she has rare sensibility in respecting and at the same time nurturing the delicate and precious relationship of the child with his/her parents (especially the teen-age).

The rare gift that we consistently observed in Nicole is how she can be punctually professional and at the same time authentically sweet and caring. We will always be grateful to her for the help and friendship she has been offering to Federico, for the concrete achievement of him having been admitted to Stuyvesant with brilliant results and prospects for his academic career and for the wonderful experience of seeing him growing day by day into a confident and thoughtful young man who can appreciate the value of humbleness, kindness, and curiosity.
— Fabrizio & Rossana, parents

Please accept this letter as reference for Nicole Imthurn, who has tutored my children Nora (12 years old) and James (9 years old) for the last four years. She has greatly helped my children with their education at Hoboken Catholic Academy in Hoboken NJ especially in the subjects that they need the most help in, including Math. She has an excellent knowledge of the curriculum at HCA which has focused our children’s learning exactly where needed. More importantly my children really enjoy learning with her as she makes it interesting and fun. I could only wish all teachers could have her talent.
— Jeff & Janet, parents

We have known Nicole for the past 6 years as a private tutor for our three children. I must first underscore how professional and responsible she has been over the years. I can also attest that Nicole has the experience in and a character for teaching and managing people to be successful in the academic field.
— Joe & Sandrine, parents

It is my great pleasure to recommend Nicole Imthurn as a tutor in mathematics. I have found her teaching style to be clear, patient, and thorough. After determining her students’ skill level and discussing their goals, Nicole introduces the material in manageable increments.

Studying mathematics is challenging, but with Nicole as a tutor it is never overwhelming.

Explanations are repeated when necessary, and practice lessons are given, so that each concept is completely understood. Only then is a new subject introduced, and this process is repeated, until the student achieves significant results.

Nicole is absolutely professional as well as a gifted teacher. She arrives on time, fully prepared, and has excellent communication skills. Additionally, she is always ready to answer questions and take extra time to review homework and test results.

As an adult student, Nicole was especially effective in helping me prepare to re-enter the university system, and my own scores on placement tests were far higher than I had imagined possible. Not only did I succeed in the classroom and on exams, but I found that my fear of mathematics was replaced with a sense of ease and accomplishment.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend Nicole Imthurn for tutoring in mathematics forall levels of study.
— Andrea, student