Clever Girls Math Club

Turns Good Girls Into Bad A$$e$

how so, Ms. Nicole?

Being Good At Math instills confidence and increases self-respect, two values that our girls can never have too much of.  Being Good With Her Hands enhances your daughter’s sense of independence, not to mention further leveling the invisible playing field on which the rest of her life will be played out.

Homework with benefits!

The primary goal of CGMC is to become and to be good Math students in school.  The first part of each weekly session is dedicated to talking about our Math homework, working through any homework troubles, and preparing for any upcoming Math tests and school projects.  We’ll work together to make sure that every girl in CGMC feels confident about the Math they’re doing in school because that is our priority!

Atomic STEAMplay Projects!

Once our homework is complete, we STEAMplay!  I have a huge and always-growing arsenal of super fun STEAM project ideas for the girls to draw from.  All of my STEAMplay projects are aligned with Common Core Standards for Math and NGSS for Science.

Where and when does CGMC happen?

CGMC meets weekly in a club member’s home (your kitchen table is the perfect venue!), ideally for 90 minutes, at a time convenient to all club members.  I will have available all the necessary tools and materials to ensure that all homework is complete and for each project to be a success.

How much does CGMC cost?

90-minute session rates:

$60/girl for a club of 2
$45/girl for a club of 3
$40/girl for a club of 4
$35/girl for a club of 5
$30/girl for a club of 6

* To provide the best possible experience for your daughter, I limit enrollment to 6 girls per club chapter. There will also be an occasional, clearly outlined materials cost when we begin a new project.