Atomic STEAM Playmate Data Sheet

Name: Ms. Nicole

Measurements: I work equally well in both Metric & Standard

Turn-Ons: Perfect pronunciation of a heretoforth unknown polysyllabic word...on the first try.

Turn-Offs:  I dropped my ice cream cone on the sidewalk the other day, the scoop rolled a full circumnavigation through the filth.  I was really turned off by it after that.

Favorite Activities:  Making useful stuff out of various strange bits and neat things, seeing your kid’s face glow with comprehension and the possession of new knowledge...and I also really love dancing in the kitchen while frying bacon.

Guilty Pleasures: Liver & Onions

Ambitions: To someday be a back-up whistler in a rock & roll band.

In the Morning: Nothing good happens in the morning.

Sports Played:  I was a scholarship awarded athlete as a student (which makes me very understanding of the unique scheduling challenges that are raised by your kid’s sports calendar); but I chose instead to enroll at an academically driven university where I could totally geek out on a double major of Botany and Biochemistry and minor in everything ending in ‘-ics’ while washing dishes for beer I ride a bicycle.

Pets: I have two extremely old girl dogs, Fargo & Beulah, who creak around and keep me in good company.  I also have an ever vacillating population of highly-trained, self-sustaining Super Guppies.

Jobs Before Tutoring: Teacher, Environmental Chemist, NYC Bike Messenger, Neuropharmacology Biochemist, Dishwasher, Director of Investor Relations for a gold mine, Bookseller, Designer, Production Greenhouse Manager, Fugitive Emissions Coordinator, Fabricator, Waitress, Maker of Futons, Research Chemist on the Human Genome Project, Barista, Coach….

Smartest County in the World: Hudson County, New Jersey, baby.  Where else can you pick up the phone and have a maker space, complete with mad scientist (some have also said Coolest Math Tutor Ever) delivered right to your kitchen table?